If you require assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following local branch members, who will be pleased to assist.

(Please click here to reveal email addresses)

Alternatively, you can contact us using the online form here.

  • Nick Wooldridge [Chairman]
  • Allan Willoughby [Vice Chairman]
  • Alan Molloy [Branch Secretary]
  • Michele Needleman [Treasurer]
  • Neil Coxhead [Membership Secretary]
  • Mark Carter [Social Secretary]
  • Steve Goodall [Pub Preservation Officer]
  • Steve Goodall [Press Officer]
  • Alan Molloy [Pubs Officer]
  • Emily De Fraine [Young Members Contact]
  • Allan Willoughby [CAMRA Angle Editor]
  • CAMRA Angle Advertising (Capital Media Group) (or phone 01628 203 203)
  • Graham [Webmaster]
  • Mark [Hedgerley Rambles]
  • John [Cookham Rambles]
  • Mark Newcombe [Branch Contact] (for general enquiries)