Real cider is a long-established traditional drink which is produced naturally from apples (perry is produced from pears) and is neither carbonated or pasteurised, i.e. Real cider and perry is essentially the fermented juice of the fruit with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Our branch area is proud to have it's own local cider producer, Salt Hill Cider, based in Slough making real cider made from Berkshire apples:

Salt Hill Cider was established in 2008 by Greg Davies with the aim of redressing the severe shortage of good real cider in the area by turning unwanted local apples into a delicious Berkshire cider to supply local pubs and events.

The cider is made using fresh pressed juice from local eating and cooking apples and is naturally fermented using the wild yeast in the fruit.

Nothing is added or filtered out which produces a crisp tangy flavour eastern counties style cider which is quite different to the more well known Western "scrumpy" style ciders.

Salt Hill Cider has proved popular and sold out each year so production has been increased to meet demand and will hopefully be available at a number of local outlets throughout the year.

The cider is available as naturally dry or medium sweet and has a strength of around 6.4% ABV.

We are fortunate in having several pubs in and around our area that regularly serve Real Cider or Perry. These are listed on our Cider Pubs page.