What is Real Ale?

Like all beer, Real Ale is made from 4 basic ingredients: malted barley, hops, yeast and water. Unlike keg beer, which is subsequently filtered and pasteurised, and then artificially carbonated to make it fizzy, Real Ale remains a living product in the cask that goes to the pub. In this way, the amazing range of tastes that result from the various types and sources of the ingredients can be appreciated to the full!

To find out more about Real Ale, please visit the main CAMRA website for a full description (opens in a new window).

Where Real Ale is brewed

Real Ale is brewed by many large breweries, but additionally by an increasing number of small and micro breweries. This results in a vast range of interesting ales to choose from.

The Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead branch supports CAMRA's LocAle initiative, which promotes pubs selling Real Ale produced locally (within 30 miles). In our branch alone, we are proud to be able to list around 30 LocAle breweries, being within 30 miles of pubs in our region.

For a list of these LocAle breweries, please see our LocAle Breweries page.

You can find out more about LocAle on the main CAMRA main website (opens in a new window).

Where to find Real Ale

Please see our Pubs page for various ways to find a good pub, selling good Real Ale.

Beer quality

As part of continued monitoring of beer quality, members are encouraged to report on the quality of beer. Please see our Beer Quality page for more info.